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Family constellation

Family constellation
You fully understand the uniqueness and far reaching impact of Family Constellation work, only once you have actually been part of the workshop. Participants often describe that they experience 'lightness', 'an internal shift', 'shift within their family or context within which they live/ work', 'a release and flow' in their lives. These experiences appear to unfold over time consequent to their constellation work.

What is unique about Family Constellation work?
The uniqueness of this method lies both in its perspective and methodology. Constellation work is holistic in its approach as we see that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Eg. the human body is more than just limbs and organs. Families or organizations are also more than individual members or a number of individual members put together. All aspects or members work as a system that is linked and interactive.

Constellations facilitate the healing of body, mind and spirit and the system or group within which one lives.

Constellation work is transgenerational. The family or group is a dynamic unit and is affected by past generations. Sometimes, we hold the shame, guilt, anger or traumas of previous generations and pass it on, usually unknowingly, to our future generations.

Bert Hellinger, the founder of Constellation work as we know it now, has provided many insights into the workings and influence of individual, family and spiritual conscience and the question of what entangles or ties up one person in the fate of another, within the family and beyond.

Every human being is born into a family and shares a bond with everyone who belongs to that family. The 'family conscience' oversees the balance and survival of the family group and the fate of all individuals are held with this unconscious authority. The family conscience attends to bonds within the system, the balance of giving and taking, the fate of the family members, and the 'orders' of the family system.

In Constellation work, the entanglement or disruption is identified at transgenerational and intergenerational levels. Balance and harmony is restored within the individual and his /her system or family soul by following the 'orders of love'. These Orders of Love appear to be in tune with the harmony of life itself. In the process of restoring these orders, there is often a movement at the level of the soul as the client feels liberated from his/ her pain and trauma. Bert Hellinger refers to this as the movement of the Spirit Mind or Tao.

The Constellation method of working is also unique. A healing space is created and representatives are chosen by the client from within the group and placed according to their inner image. Transgenerational and intergenerational influences that block the emotional and physical well being of the client are revealed at unconscious levels in the here and now. The client is guided by Annie to make healing movements. In some cases, the effects of the constellation are revealed immediately and sometimes it unfolds over time.

If the client/ patient is emotionally and physically fragile, and does not have the stamina for group work, they can also achieve good results in individual settings using figures.

Constellations are the method of choice when
  • you have certain patterns of illnesses or occurrences that appear to repeat itself within your family system.
  • you have persistent set backs or relationship difficulties.
  • you feel blocked in your life with little or no joy.
  • you are caught up in some emotions and unable to have clarity.
  • you long for balance and harmony in your life and feel blocked or fragmented.
  • you want a release from some trauma that has occurred in your life.
  • in cases of depression, tendency to run away or suicidal tendencies.
Constellations can also be used in organizations and core management teams, family run business, and other institutions.

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