Healing the Inner Child

Healing the Inner Child
For some us, growing up was relatively easy, for some it was a struggle, and for others it was a traumatic experience.

We live life reacting to the wounds that we suffered in early childhood - and the defense mechanisms we had adapted because of those emotional wounds.

Our significant parent figures and role models have also grown up with their own struggles, emotional wounds and traumas. The defense mechanisms that they adapted have formed the programming that we were subjected while growing up. This programming was often dysfunctional and did not involve sustainable and healthy ways of growing into adulthood.

Unhealthy or dysfunctional programming is sub conscious and passed down generation to generation. Living life in reaction to old wounds and old tapes is dysfunctional - it reinforces harmful core beliefs or perspectives, and behaviour patterns.

Our broken hearts, our emotional wounds and our scrambled minds causes us to abandon ourselves. The one who betrayed us and abandoned and abused us the most was ourselves. We do things to harm ourselves with anger and shame.

Healing the Inner Child is the path to experiencing freedom, harmony and empowerment.

When we lock our childhood wounds, traumas and feelings within us, our free flowing energy is blocked. In fact, what has been locked up as our dark side for so long has an immense power over us. By our suppression, we actually allow our emotionally wounded child to drive us and direct our relationships and our lives.

STOP. Children are not supposed to drive! They are not supposed to be in control!

Only we can help ourselves to heal our inner child. We can do this by committing ourselves to growing up again with love and faith, knowing that we are a Divine Gift and that we deserve love and kindness and harmony in our lives.

We carry from our childhood, toxic shame and guilt that does not belong to us. We were only children and in our love, we took on the shame and guilt of others before us. Healing our inner child is not about blaming anybody. Each one of our parent figures and role models were also wounded children, living their lives through their own defense mechanisms.

We can heal ourselves by looking at new perspectives that will take us in the direction of wholeness, integration and freedom. By really listening to our inner voice with understanding and love. By grieving the wounds that we suffered. By changing our unhealthy behaviour patterns and clearing our emotional process. We can release our old pent up grief, anger, rage, shame, terror and pain from those feeling places which exist within us. Making way for living in the present, flowing with our emotions and our love.

I believe that we are all spiritual beings, in a physical body, having a human experience. Our inner child, as it finds self expression, is the gateway to our Higher Self. Loving and honouring the Child that we once were is the only way to love and honour ourselves today. It is the flowing, spiritual way.

To dance
To move to see the New Fresh Reborn Newborn
Creation surprising
Glistening as dew drops in the morning's sun
on leaves of lively green
Wet with early life.

To discover in delight
To be
I struggle for it daily
Knowing Life is ahead
and I am meant for it
Letting my Inner voices speak
To sing
A voice from the deepest
Most quiet of my solitudes
To share my only-ness in creation
To move
To love myself
To wait
Until birth comes out
of all my dying past

- Lucia Capacchione
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Healing the Inner Child
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