Transactional Analysis

What Is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a powerful tool that will help you understand your personality and how it was formed. It brings clarity to your feeling, thinking, behavior patterns and underlying beliefs. TA explains communication patterns and ways of communicating effectively while helping you find direction for change.

Some of the key concepts in Transactional Analysis are::
  • Life Script: Consists of a set of decisions that are made in early childhood in response to the parental messages of self, others or the world. This explains how your present life patterns originated in childhood. How decisions we made in childhood may continue to influence our behavior later in life despite painful consequences.
  • Ego states: At any given time, we experience and express ourselves through a system of behaviours, thoughts and feelings. TA explain personality through the concept of Parent ego state, Adult ego state and Child ego state.
  • Strokes: Strokes are the recognition or attention that we give ourselves and one another. Strokes can be positive or negative. We all have an inherent hunger for recognition, and hence if we have a lack of positive strokes, we will seek recognition of a negative kind.
  • Drama Triangle: The Persecutor, the Rescuer, the Victim - are oft assumed roles by most of us in daily life situations. And when we assume these roles it leads to psychological games and ends up with negative feelings.


TA101 is a two day introductory certified program in TA in which you will get a basic understanding of the above and more concepts of TA.

This program will help you understand yourself and your patterns using the many concepts of TA. It will help you find more effective ways of communication with others and enhance your relationships and skills of working in groups.

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